Detection of leaks by the method of thermal imaging

For the optimal detection of invisible leaks from pipeline networks, in parallel with the use of an endoscopic camera, our company also has a thermal imaging device whose use has a wide range of applications such as:

Localization humidity

Water inflow on the roof

Water inflow in masonry

Location in the hydraulic system of the building

Detection and check boxers pipes

Μέθοδος Θερμικής Απεικόνισης

Moisture is one of the most important problems that landlords – tenants have to deal with.

For long periods of time building users are not aware of the existence of moisture except in a few cases where moisture phenomena such as the presence of mould or detachment of large pieces of plaster appear. Moisture that remains trapped without being detected is conducive to the growth of mould which is associated with conditions such as asthma, allergies and various other respiratory problems.

PLR TECH has modern equipment which consists of a thermography device and a series of modern depth and surface moisture meters in order to detect the problem accurately, thus avoiding incorrect checks which will lead to incorrect treatment of the problem increasing the final cost of remediation.

Moisture measurement is also necessary in cases of construction work such as painting epoxy paints in swimming pools-floors, wood-tile coatings and many other works, thus ensuring excellent results.

Moisture measurement is necessary in insulating membranes (asphalt sheets) that have been installed but over time lose their insulating capacity for various reasons, such as poor application during installation, Therefore, the moisture measurement of an insulated roof confirms that the building is insulated against moisture and in the event that we find an insulation problem, it enables the owner along with the insulation crew to intervene pointwise to repair the insulation, thus avoiding the total destruction of the insulation.

You can call us to look at your problem by applying non-destructive methods of moisture detection at a reasonable cost and consistently at what we do.

For gutter control