Drain Unblocking

Miller Equipment

Our company has a wide range of mechanical grinders and a complete collection of friction parts so that we can cover most types of pipelines, such as metal pipes, cement pipes, asbestos pipes and plastic PVC pipes, depending on the cause of clogging of the pipeline and regardless of its age, avoiding to “injure” the pipeline.

We are able to offer drain unblockings and pipeline cleanings even the most difficult cases such as cement, roots and other bad situations, in a very short time and in pipes of various dimensions from 32mm to 200mm.

Our company undertakes drain unblockings:

  • Central gutters
  • Terrace gutters
  • Laundry lines
  • Bathtub lines
  • Washbasin lines
  • Kitchen lines

We have the most advanced equipment on the market for the unblocking of domestic networks. PICOTE mechanical grinders clean 100% of the inner part of the pipeline regardless of the material of construction of the pipeline and regardless of the cause of the blockage. Using the appropriate cutting head depending on the cause of the blockage, we are able to bring excellent results even in the most difficult cases such as cement, roots and in some cases metal objects either by cutting them or by removing them with special mechanical tongs. Classic steels are not able to offer total unblocking but only partial and short unblocking, so the customer will need to unblock again very soon, increasing the final cost for the same job.

For the optimal service of our customers, after the completion of the work, an internal inspection of the pipeline is carried out with an endoscopic camera to document the correct execution of the work.

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