Roof Inspection with Drone

PLR Tech provides a controlled drone flight over your roof or your business in order to assess the existing condition of the roof of your building by collecting video and photographic data.Check your roof in order to prevent small problems on your property.

After extreme weather events, an inspection is necessary in order to be aware of any damage to the roof or equipment installed on the roof of your building such as solar panels for the production of hot water or electricity.

With drone flight we are able to check the existing condition of the gutters.

In industrial buildings where there are environmental issues due to the production process, with the use of drone we can accurately identify from which we have escaping fumes thus achieving immediate detection without exposing its personnel to risk due to working at high altitudes because it is a job that requires an aerial contractor, as the contractor who will undertake the work will know exactly where the problem is, since an aerial drone flight check will have been carried out and the corresponding video footage will be available, thus saving time, safety and accuracy.
In general, drone flight roof inspection is a fast and safe solution.
PLR Tech has a drone of advanced technology with the ability to capture high-definition 5K 30 fps HDR, as well as a flight operator certification.
Contact us in order to check your building safely and at a reasonable cost.

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