Trenchless Pipe Repair

Pipe BeforePipe After

The main causes that lead to a pipe failure are:

  • Infiltration of roots
  • Drilling from sharp objects
  • Defective compounds
  • Cracks

Depending on the size of the leak – damage of the pipeline and using new technologies we have the possibility to repair either a part or the entire length of the pipeline.

Advantages of leak recovery in a pipeline with undisturbed method

No digging, no breaking
No noise
No dust and pollution
Speed and accuracy
Controlled costs

Disadvantages of leak recovery in a pipeline by conventional method

Floor breaking
Lack of tracking accuracy of leakage
Dust, dirt, stench
Time consuming restoration problem
Final cost increase fault repair

Epoxy coating undisturbed
duct leak repair

Repair old or worn pipes and drainage pipes with a diameter of 32mm to 200mm with the PICOTE BRUSH COATING system. The application of epoxy resin provides waterproofing & mechanical strength of the pipe. Depending on the size of the damage, the appropriate number of layers of epoxy resin is applied.

Undisturbed pipeline leak repair without digging with point repair

Undisturbed pipeline leak repair without digging with point repair

By selecting the Point Repair Method, we have the possibility of repairing a specific point of the pipeline where large parts of the pipeline are missing. This method uses a piece of special fabric (fiberglass) in cylindrical form impregnated with a special resin which is applied on a special bubble (packer) which is advanced inside the duct to the repair point where it swells taking the shape of the duct and is left until to dry the material and homogenize the repair material with the walls of the pipe. The Point Repair Method concerns pipes with a diameter from 100mm to 150mm.

Undisturbed pipeline leak recovery without digging with liner lining

This method is applied where the entire piping system needs to be repaired. Essentially we create a new duct inside the already existing damaged duct and this is achieved by launching an impregnated mantle with a special resin. The ejection is done with compressed air through a special cylinder. Our company has the ability to cover pipeline networks with diameter from 50mm to 150mm in various lengths.

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