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Limitation of liability

The sole proprietorship Evangelos Vitas makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information provided on its website, however, it bears no responsibility for its content. The visitor / user is requested to check the content of the specific pages for possible changes. The continued use of the pages and/or services of the website even after any changes means the unconditional acceptance of these terms by the visitor/user. The sole proprietorship Evangelos Vitas bears no responsibility for any disturbances that may occur due to the use of information provided on its website. In no event shall the individual enterprise Evangelos Vitas be liable for damages of any kind regarding the access and use of the company’s website, including but not limited to, error, omission, interruption of system or connection malfunction, computer viruses, etc. In cases where users of our website are directed to other websites through “links”, the individual enterprise Evangelos Vitas is not responsible for their content and services, as well as for the terms of management and protection of personal data held by them.

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The personal data of the users of our website may be collected for statistical purposes as well as for the improvement of the services provided, they are not disclosed to third parties (except in cases provided by law) and all necessary measures are taken to ensure the confidentiality of this information. The visitors of our website give their consent / authorization to the individual enterprise Evangelos Vitas to use their personal data for any lawful processing.

1.1 In the event that any user communicates with us by e-mail or other means, we collect and process personal data related to such communications, under the terms and conditions of this document, in order to respond to the relevant requirements and requests and to improve our services offered.


1.2 Our Company does not collect or gain access in any way to special categories (“sensitive”) personal data or data relating to criminal convictions and offences of its users – customers. You have the obligation to refrain from posting such data concerning your person or third party data subjects. If you do post such data on our website, it will be removed as soon as it comes to our attention. We shall not be liable to you or any third parties for any posting and/or processing of sensitive data due to your acts or omissions in breach of the above obligation.


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Although every effort has been made to ensure the smooth operation of our website, if you experience any problems, please contact us at plrtech@gmail.com or by phone (+30) 697 542 4599